Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Gear...
Well I reckon I'm pretty much ready for Tuesday's training. The gear is bought and, as I said in the last post, as I shopped on-line and hunted for deals I didn't break the bank.
Here's the gear I bought:
Caberg open face helmet with visor and integral sun visor: £69.99
GMAC full face helmet: £34.99 
Cordura jacket with shoulder, elbow & back armour,
reflective piping & detachable quilt lining: £39.99
Armoured leather gloves: £19.99
Neoprene & fleece face protector: £0.99
Kevlar reinforced jeans: £29.99
Total cost of £195.94 (with carriage added it came to £216.17).  
I still need to get some waterproof over clothing, but the forcast for next week is cold and dry. I'll be wearing my thermals under the jeans. I've got a pair of silk under-gloves on order but I doubt that they will arrive by Tuesday.
I'm sure as I progress and finally get my own Harley Davidson onto the road I will buy more gear and probably pay a bit more. I've got my eye on a good quality leather jacket. But for now I reckon I've got what I need, and I won't have to wear gear worn by countless others. 
I'm really looking forward to starting on Tuesday. Now is the right time. If I leave it it may be some time before my head is in the right place again.


  1. Nigel, what brand name are those pants. I could use a pair of those.

  2. Hi Mate. The little red label has the name TM TORQUE on it. Got them off eBay. They came without pads but they only cost a few quid and slotted into the internal pockets made for them. I've washed them a couple oftimes and there hasn't been any excessive shrinkage. For the price I reckon they're OK. Hope this helps.