Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Bikes of my past...

After putting up yesterday's post I did some digging on the interweb and came up with some photos of bikes like the ones I have previously ridden...

The first bike I ever rode was a Matchless 250cc
similar to this one. It was probably roundabout
1972. So, I would have been 14 years old or so.
I remember it being very heavy and very loud.
The first bike I owned, a 1974 Yamaha DT175
which I bought in 1975 when I was a young
soldier had the same colour scheme as the one
in the photo. For its time it was a good looking
machine. Annoying problems with cutting out
in wet weather when water got under the suppressor
cap. Had to carry a can of WD40 wherever I went. 
Same time as I got my Yamaha my best mate bought
the Honda 125 trial bike. This had a four stroke engine
so my two stroke 175 used to leave him standing. We
biked around a lot together though, often where we shouldn't.
I went for a few days leave with an army mate to
his home in Scotland. He had one of these a
Honda CB175 which practically fell to pieces
when we got stopped by the cops in Kilmarnock.
His dad went straight out and bought him a brand
new Honda CB250. During that week we discovered
the joy of the coast road from Ayr to Stranraer.
It was one of these a very nippy Yamaha RD200
that I came off when a car pulled out of a side road
in front of me as I came off the level crossing at
Starbeck near Harrogate. It's true that things go in
 slow motion when you fly off a bike. Really hurt!

I used to borrow a BSA 250 similar to this, but in
green. A bike with attitude that used to turn heads.
A good army mate of mine when I was serving in
Germany in the 1970s bought a Honda 250 Superdream
very similar to the one in this photo. If I remember rightly
the colour scheme is the same. One night I got thrown
painfully off the back when he got the front wheel stuck
 in a tramline in Krefeld. A trip to the Krankenhaus followed.

Prior to doing my CBT the last time I rode a 'proper'
bike was in 1985. I was an adventurous training instructor
at the time and we were running a camp for young soldiers
in Devon. I don't know why but a couple of these type of 
Armstongs arrived and a few of us took full advantage.


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  1. Interesting list, a couple of which I have also owned and ridden. The RD200 was the first bike I owned, and I still have a TL125 trials bike out in the shed that gets ridden once or twice a year.