Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Mod 1 rebooked...

Thankfully my back has improved and Mod 1 training is booked for 4th May with test the following day. I'll be glad to get that dealt with so that I can get on to the serious business of road training.

One of my doodles from
This brings back memories of riding a BSA Starfire I used to borrow off a mate in 1975. I remember back then, depending whose bike I was using, having to check which side had the gear change and which the rear brake. At the time I owned a Yamaha DT175 which was a great little bike on and off road. I also remember coming off another mate's Yamaha RD200 when a car pulled out in front of me just as I came off a level crossing. Early lesson in why crash helmets and leather jackets give good protection. Suffered a rotten friction burn on my hip which put me in hospital for a week. Lesson learned: wear protective trousers!

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