Thursday, 4 April 2013

Road Training...

I have been somewhat remiss in not mentioning the fact that I am being expertly trained by the guys at Ride4Life, based in Strensall York. A friendly bunch of guys with a wealth of experience and knowledge to impart.

Road training was excellent, felt good to get a decent sized bike out onto the road. There comes a point though, when it actually dawns on you that although you are training you are having to deal with real life traffic situations. This was brought home by a number of incidents including a car backing out in front of me as I made a left turn, an oncoming ambulance using the middle of the road in busy traffic and an overtake requiring some pretty nifty timing. Pleased to say I handled each situation well. Not that I'm getting over-confident; there's a lot more to learn.

Riding some of the twisting country roads was great and gave me the opportunity to put into practice the art of counter-steering. Seems rather counter intuitive when talked about, but comes very naturally in practice. I guess it must have done back in 70s and 80s when I last rode and probably did it without realising. Of course there was no CBT back then; one just climbed onto any bike up to 250cc, having fastened L plates to it, and off you went. Bugger the theory. I'm very glad it's different now. Kids back then were jumping on to Yamaha 250cc bikes and the like, which were well capable of speeds over 100mph, and inevitably too many were badly injured or died.

One more Mod 1 training session before the Mod 1 test. Frustratingly I have an enforced break of over a week as work drags me away.

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  1. I agree with you about counter steering. When you first hear about it, the physics just seem wrong and then you try it and a revelation hits you. I too wondered if I had been doing it without realising. In the end, I accepted I probably hadn't.