Friday, 5 April 2013

Effective treatment for screaming tinnitus...

Whilst I am enthusiastically blogging away about the preparation and the training I think, given the fact that this is a blog partly about dealing with the after affects of head injury, I should pay some attention to that aspect of the journey.

I have proved one thing that I have been saying for months and months to be completely right; putting on a helmet and riding a bike with the associated engine and wind noise completely cuts through the awful screaming in my head. It is such a relief and it is clear to me that riding should be a big daily dose.

Perhaps, when the training is done and the Harley Davidson is bought I will have to turn my mind to how I can ride every day. That, I guess, is nigh on impossible given our erratic British climate. Perhaps a move to sunnier climbs? Who knows?


  1. From reading your very first post, it is clear the accident has caused you a lot of anguish with the tinnitus. What a joy it must be to have found something that gives you a temporary respite from that. Even better, it is motorcycling!

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