Sunday, 19 May 2013

A cheap bike to tide me over?...

There are many things that have, since having that ramp dropped into my head, made my life very diffcult. One of those things is the on-going legal stuff. Even though liability was relatively quickly admitted the case has dragged on through medical/psychological examination and reports, much correspondence and filling in of forms. It all helps to keep what I clearly want to forget somewhere close to the forefront of my dented mind.

The end result will be some compensatory payment coming my way. I know not how much. I rather like to think it will be a not insubstantial sum. Rightly so given the way my life has been so altered, all for the worse.

I had hoped, as we fast approach the two and a half year point since it happened, that things would be soon concluded. Unfortunately not so. Now, as I have made abundantly clear, I intend to buy a Harley Davidson and a new one at that. One thing I don't have currently is the odd £17K or so lying around. So, purchasing my dream bike is rather dependant on receiving compensation. It has given me something wonderful and important to aim for. It gives me a point of focus when everything becomes just about completely unbearable, as it often does.

As a result of this painfully slow moving litigation I am going to be left in the frustrating position of passing my Mod2 test, hopefully at the first attempt on the 28th of this month, and not being able to buy required dream machine. I know that pulling on my helmet and climbing on a bike, even if it isn't a Harley Davidson, makes everything seem so very much better. So, do I buy a cheap second hand bike to tide me over? There are some pretty tidy low mileage older bikes out there. One that has caught my eye and is local is a 1996 Triumph Sprint which, according to the description, is in excellent nick. 13K miles on the clock and it's up for £1350.

Unless there's anyone out there who has a half decent bike they want to lend (or even gift) me, I guess I might just have to do this. I wonder if I could get a bike on prescription?    

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