Saturday, 8 June 2013

Bike's back...

Finally after five and a half very frustrating days I got the call I had been waiting for: 'Your bike's ready'. Call came as I was taking eldest daughter and fiance to a wedding. Then followed quality time with wife and youngest granddaughter. Left it rather late to pick up the bike and made it just in time before the placed closed.

Painful bill paid, quick change into appropriate gear at the side of my wife's car and a ride home in the late afternoon sun. Cup of tea and off again for a good ride in the evening sun. Stress levels greatly reduced.


Friday, 7 June 2013

A silent rattle (or caveat emptor)...

As you can tell from previous posts I was elated to have passed my test and over the moon to have acquired a really good (so I thought) Triumph.

Wanting to make sure all was well I took it in for a service and MOT last Monday morning. Within the hour I received a call on my mobile telling me that it didn't sound right and there could be a problem with the cam chain.

Problem was, as my hearing is wrecked and I don't wear my hearing aids when I ride because: a. there's no point, and b. it would be uncomfortable to wear them with helmet on, I could not hear the rattle that the technicians did.

Bike has been in the workshop since. I am assured though that the new cam chain has been fitted and the bike sounds sweet. Just new brake pads and MOT to do. I will be able to collect the bike tomorrow morning. It was reassuring to be told that apart from the cam chain the bike is a good 'un.

This has been a sickener, not only because it looks like the previous owner knew about the problem as he had fitted new tensioners in an apparent attempt to discguise it. Also, my good lady wife was away this last week to visit her sister in London and I had taken the week off work in order to put in some serious miles. Not only that but it has been the longest period of good weather this year.

It'll be even more sickening tomorrow morning as I slip my debit card into the reader.

I have to re-visit said previous owner to collect a new side stand I had not been able to carry when I picked up the bike. I will probably take the old cam chain, which I am told is more than an inch longer than it should be, with me to see if I can prick his conscience. (I promise I won't use it as an offensive weapon). If he just shrugs his shoulders though that will be that.

At least I will know the bike is in good order and a lot better than when he last rode it.

I now hope we enjoy a long hot summer.