Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Boiling yer bits is a better option...

I have had some great rides over the last week and the weather has been a bonus. There are so many bikers out on the roads that I'm beginning to feel like a nodding dog.

Most bikers I encounter are wearing leathers or other suitably tough and reinforced clothing. But, it seems the hot weather is bringing out the idiot in a few. I'm not referring to teenage twist and go riders who know no better than to wear chavsuit bottoms and t shirts, I'm referring to experienced bikers on large sports machines and cruisers wearing little more than would be risqué on the beach.

Today, as I waited for my wife outside our local Moss Tyres while she paid for work on her car, I saw a sports bike go past two up. Male rider and female pillion passenger, who was clinging limpet like to the rider, were both wearing shorts and vests.

Now I know that in this heat wearing leathers, especially when stuck in stationary or slow moving traffic, is really uncomfortable, but I reckon boiling yer bits off for a few minutes is better than risking losing a large percentage of your skin. OK so I'll admit I've been wearing jeans, but they have knee and hip protection and are Kevlar reinforced.

For those that doubt the wisdom of this check this out:

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