Sunday, 28 July 2013

Riding the busy streets...

For the last few days our home has been blessed by the presence of our youngest daughter over from Manchester while her boyfriend does some urban exploring in France, Luxembourg and Germany. (See: for some of his incredible photography)

This meant a trip into York yesterday to do some shopping and browsing with wife & daughter. As you will know if you've read previous posts, being in crowded places especially where there is a lot of movement is very difficult for me. Four hours of that left my head in a state.

So, the best medicine was to take a ride out on the old Triumph. I set off up the ring road and then on to some quieter roads around a couple of the outlying villages. I then remembered that both York Races and a soccer match between York City and Sheffield United were on and as it was just after the last race the roads in and around the city would be very busy. I decided that it would be ideal practice for coping on the busy streets and would up my concentration levels which would distract further from the mess in my head.

I was right! It was slow going manoeuvring amongst coaches full of race goers or tourists, avoiding suicidal (probably drunk) pedestrians and frustrated car drivers on the narrow streets of my ancient home city. It's a good thing to get attuned to every now and again. It is great to get out on to the open road and open up the throttle a bit and do little more gear changing than sixth to fifth and back, but I reckon if you don't get amongst the urban traffic every now and again you could lose the feel for it. For me it did two things, gave me good practice and sorted my messed head out.

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