Thursday, 8 August 2013

A slight issue with gloves...

As you will see from this photograph I have something of an issue with gloves...

This was the result of a mountaineering accident back in the mid 80s. I've actually been longer without finger than I was with it. Apart from the odd ghost pain, especially when it's cold, it doesn't bother me or hinder me in any way. Or it didn't until I took up riding motorcycles again.

                          It's OK when I'm wearing summer gloves...

                                                           ...I can tuck the spare bit away.

But, when it's a bit colder and I wear the thicker gloves with the extra armour...

                               ...there's no way the extra bit will tuck away.

So, I'm left with a spare non-digit flapping around and getting in the way of the clutch lever. If I just cut the glove finger off I will be left with a hole letting cold air in and the chances are the rest of the stitching will come undone. Having a pair specially made will be much too costly.

I would be interested to hear from anyone with a similar problem who has come up with a solution.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, my left hand does ache if I have to change gear a lot. Loss of index finger and ray = 30% loss of grip.



  1. Wow mate! Sympathies with that. And I thought I had it bad with recurring issues from a broken fifth metacarpal!

    Have you thought about taking your glove into one of those small stitching job places. Where you can have trousers taken up and other small clothing alterations done? They seem to be everywhere. Maybe they could remove that one section and properly seal it back up for you?

    You really have been through the wars mate, haven't you?

    1. Thanks mate, I might try that, or, thinking on, a cobbler might be able to do it.

      I guess I've had my share of dodgy luck, but there're plenty worse off. In any case none of it matters when I'm riding!


  2. I can see the extra finger getting in the way, it might even become a safety issue at some point so it's worth fixing. I think the previous commenter had it right - take them into a cobbler with leather stitching equipment to seal it up for you.

    1. Thanks Canajun, I'll get it done ASAP & let you know how it went.

  3. I agree with Robert - I too was going to suggest taking it to a seamstress or alteration place. There may be some leather alteration places out there that would have machines strong enough to stitch the opening closed after cutting off the not needed bit. Check with your local Harley dealer - they usually know a good leather person.

    1. Thanks Trobairitz. You have some photos of some amazing old bikes on your blog.

  4. I don't think you need to take it somewhere. Go to Tandy Leather. You can get the stitching supplies inexpensively and do the job yourself.

    Cut the finger off of EITHER style leaving a 1/4" or so of "Seam allowance. If you could you could turn the glove inside out and do the stitching inside.

    Just do a "whip stitch" with close tight stitches. Use a bit of silicone with toothpick to "Lock" down the factory stitching...

    The more gloves you modify, the better you'll get at it. Use some old wore out gloves for practice first.

    It really is easier than you might think. (Ten years + of custom leather shop)

  5. Thanks gypsycowboy, I may just give it a go.