Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Doing the splits...

I was thinking back over my ride out in to East Yorkshire the other day. It was, in the main part, a real stress buster. However, on the final leg home I made a navigational poor decision and joined the A64 York by-pass heading east.

For those of you who live locally or have travelled this road trying to get to the east coast, you will know what a pig's ear the 'Hop Grove' roundabouts are at the junction with the A1237 York ring road. A desperately poor piece of road planning made many times worse by traffic lights at the roundabouts. The tail-backs that were the norm for bank holidays and hot weekends are now an every day occurrence. So, having entered the dual carriageway at the last junction prior to this road planning disaster I was faced with a tail-back of over a mile.

Now filtering in heavy traffic on single carriage roads is a fairly tense affair, but this business of lane splitting... well I've not done anything requiring such a level of concentration since I last free-climbed a cliff face in Scotland. I reckon it takes a degree of clairvoyance trying to guess what the drivers of the vehicles you intend to ride between are going to do. I have to say most drivers are happy to let you pass, many actually opening the gap. But there are a few... I've probably said it before in an earlier post, but it's worth repeating just in case any non-biking drivers do read this, I'm not trying to mess with your journey so why mess with mine?

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  1. I've had so much hassle doing the lane splitting thing, with annoyed drivers actually trying to push me into the car opposite, that I've stopped doing it. Even if I have to sit in a long line of traffic for hours I'll do it, messing with those types of people is just to stressful.
    Besides, with a side hanger numberplate my bike's a hell of a width.