Saturday, 24 August 2013

My heart goes...

My heart goes Boombadyboombadyboombadyboombadyboobooboom!

Goodness gracious me!
The 2014 Breakout - stunning!
(Goodness Gracious Me: D Lee & H Kretzner 1960: artists Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren)


  1. I can hear you all the way over here!

  2. Spot the red CVO Breakout on our recent road trip to Rome. You are right, it is a stunning bike.

    1. Great bikes (especially the Breakout), great roads. Film is well put together with a cool soundtrack. What editing software do you use?

    2. I use Adobe Premiere Elements. It is a bit complex for my needs, but I spent the time to learn it and now don't feel like changing. I used to make videos with quite long riding clips, mainly looking forward, but realised these were pretty dull, so now I try to use a lot of short clips and it seems to help.