Monday, 26 August 2013

No longer just a spectator...

This morning I got off my bed feeling wretched. There's a couple of reasons but the main one is this awful screaming tinnitus which seems to be bothering me more just lately. So, before 9 o'clock on a bank holiday morning I was on the road astride the Triumph.

Staying off the main roads I headed east from York, vaguely in the direction of Beverley via Stamford Bridge and Pocklington. Some of those East Yorkshire roads are great. The road from Market Weighton to South Cave has some great twists and turns that make it disappear then reappear in the distance as it crests a hill. Blue sky and bright sunshine added to the overall enjoyment.

I've driven some of these roads over the years, but in a car you are almost totally cut off from your surroundings. It's more like watching a film. On a bike you're completely in touch, every sense reacting to the surroundings, no longer just a spectator.

There were quite a few bikers out on the road, more so as I headed homewards around midday. Nice touch from a learner rider coming the other way in Bishop Burton who gave a warning hand signal. Sure enough, hidden just around a bend was camera van. Can't those guys even take a day off on a bank holiday?

I was hoping there may be a tea van at the lay-by at the top of Weighton Hill, but alas no. Haven't seen one there for a while. Anyone fancy taking on the pitch? I really would have liked a cuppa at that point. Still stopped to take photos though.

 Parked where the tea van should be.

Cracking view across the lower part of the Vale of York from here.

For those of you who may travel this way note the speed cameras. There's a set halfway down the hill too.


  1. You have tea vans parked on the side of the road? Now that sounds like a treat while on a ride.

    1. Wherever there's a decent sized lay-by on a busy road there's a good chance you'll find a tea van. Nice cuppa and a bacon buttie. Lovely!

    2. With apologies to any vegetarian friends. They often do a good line in cakes and biccies too.