Sunday, 18 August 2013

One of those mucky little jobs...

Yesterday was grey, windy and occasional showers blew in. It wasn't a day for fun riding. However, it was a good day for catching up with maintenance tasks. So, I dug out an old tooth brush and on went the overalls. It was time to clean the chain.

A good spray with WD40 and let it seep through for a few minutes. Then to work with the tooth brush on chain and sprocket. Twenty minutes brushing followed by a few turns of the back wheel to run the chain through a cloth, which went from white to black very quickly and bore testament to how filthy the chain had been. Then a liberal spraying of WD40 Chain Wax and the job was done.

  Dirty black chain was lovely and gold.  
 It was one of those mucky little jobs...

...that leaves you feeling very self-satisfied.


  1. Just think, no more of that messy business with a Harley Davidson Breakout. ;o)