Saturday, 14 September 2013

If the gloves don't fit - the riding goes to...

With the sudden dip into autumnal temperatures it was time to dig out thicker gloves. You may remember from an earlier blog that winter gloves are a bit of an issue for me as I'm index finger down on left hand. I haven't yet had the time to get sorted with a proper alteration to the glove, so a quick fix was needed...

Yes, it's one of my granddaughter's hair-bands, and it's pink. 
Far from ideal but I couldn't find any other colour.

So, with glove suitably adapted I prepared for a ride around York to my Dad's. Now, I bought these gloves in a bit of a hurry to avoid wearing the smelly ones provided when I did my CBT. I bought them on the net and guessed at the size. They are a bit on the tight size but I coped with the light clutch of the Honda while training. However, with the heavier clutch of the Triumph these undersized gloves really made a difference. The hard plating across the knuckles also began to dig in quite painfully and my clutch control went completely to pot. Clearly, if the gloves don't fit riding goes to......well there was a total lack of smoothness in pulling off and gear changing.

New pair of larger sized winter gloves are now on order. Big up for Helmet City
 who, after I had ordered and paid for said gloves, contacted me to apologise as they were actually out of stock and offered a more expensive pair at no additional cost.


  1. I like the pink hair band - real men can wear pink!!

    Kudos to helmet city for the upgrade. Nice when companies take care of their customers.

    No fun riding when the gloves are too small. I find with my rings they sometimes pinch when riding if the gloves are tight. Of course with my hands I usually have a hard time finding gloves small enough around but with the fingers long enough.

    Hope the new gloves fit perfect and you have a chance to get them altered.

  2. In touch with my feminine side eh?