Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Name and shame...

Today the weather pattern changed so quickly the Met Office forecast couldn't keep up with it. Before I left home at about 9.30ish the forecast for York was cloudy and cool with rain expected at about 4.00pm. So, off I went on the bike expecting to get back before the rain. Fortunately I took wet weather gear and bike cover just in case. Glad I did because the rain came just before midday.

I decided that, as the rain looked set to continue for some time and I wanted to avoid the heavier late afternoon traffic, I would set off for home shortly after 3.00pm.

It was pretty rotten and the road surface certainly held my attention, especially as I have to negotiate eight roundabouts on the most direct route home.

On the fifth of those roundabouts I entered carefully registering a white van entering from the entry road to my right. There was plenty of room and I was able to avoid braking. I negotiated the roundabout steadily and as I took my exit I went through the routine of checking mirrors and doing left life saver. No sign of white van. Then all of a sudden (and bearing in mind this was an exit onto a single carriage road) he came past me and dangerously cut across. This was without a single doubt a deliberate act born of frustration at my steady progress around the roundabout. Now, I've had some near misses and witnessed some stupid driving/riding in the last few months since I've been riding, but this just took the biscuit. This van driver could have killed me and clearly took some sort of pleasure in his actions. At the next roundabout he was in the right lane to turn right and I was in the lane to go straight on. I glanced across only to see him gesturing. What an animal!

Well, if you're going to get your kicks by risking the lives of other road users I guess you should take into account the fact that you have the name of the company that employs you enblazoned all over the van. This was an Orion Windows van.

Orion Windows is a York based replacement window and conservatory company. They received a call from me advising them of what had just occurred and reminding them of the poor public image this sort of incident creates. To her credit the lady I spoke to, who assured me she was a manager, was very polite and quick to apologise on behalf of the company. Had I managed to get the registration number of the van I may well having been having the conversation with the police. I'm sure the driver will have his own version of events but I am content that however he may wish to recount the event what he did was unecessary and dangerous. He needs educating about the vulnerability of motorcycle riders especially when the roads are wet.

On a more positive note, the very reasonably priced wet weather gear kept me bone dry. Hoorah!  


  1. I used to be amazed at the blatant asshattery of some cage drivers, but now I find it is expected. How sad.

    Glad you are okay and got the name and called the company.

  2. I love the phrase 'asshattery'. Brill!