Monday, 9 September 2013

Smooth riding in the rain and lane discipline...

Today I had to deal with another chapter in the long, long saga that is the on-going legal wrangling following my head injury. Over two and a half years and, to me, there seems no end in sight. I had another assessment, this time by a consultant neurologist, in Harrogate. Good opportunity for a ride and the Met Office weather forecast was for showers later in the day.

I set off at just after 8.00am in good time for the 9.20am appointment. Quite autumnal and I was glad I had a long sleeved top under my leather jacket and had opted for leather trousers rather than padded kevlar lined jeans.

Took it easy going with the flow of traffic along the A59. Just before crossing the A1 came unforecast rain. It wasn't heavy but was enough to put that horrible sheen on the surface of the road. It doesn't half make you think about the smoothness of your riding. As this is a well used HGV route I was also especially aware at roundabouts, of which there are a few, where diesel spillages are common. (I once turned a car sideways at the Knaresborough junction roundabout because of diesel.)

The return ride was much drier thankfully.

Talking of smooth riding, I witnessed some riding that was definately not smooth. Riding along the A1237 York ring road later a guy on a bike came past me in the face of oncoming traffic, cutting in and across the traffic he was passing to get into the left turn lane as we approached a roundabout. From that lane he went straight across cutting up a van heading in the same direction from the correct lane. It wasn't clever and is just the sort of thing that winds drivers up and gets bikers a bad name.

Further up the road another biker came speeding past then jammed all on to sit on the rear off-side corner of a box wagon. Sharp braking by the box wagon driver or a slight deviation to the right and the rider would have been off. He had no room to manouvre. Not clever.

I like to make progress where I can, it's one of the good things about biking, but riding in a manner that is dangerous and annoying can only be stressful. There's enough stress in other parts of my life without bringing it to biking. 

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  1. I agree that biking isn't supposed to be stressful. I cringe every time I see a motorcyclist pull up too close behind a vehicle and not leave enough room for an escape route if needed or just acting poorly in traffic in general.

    Drivers in four wheeled vehicles seem to lump us all together. Sigh.