Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The balance of the Universe is restored...

Today I had to go to Hull which meant a trip along the A1079 from York. As I went up Weighton Hill I looked across at the lay-by and was delighted to see Tea Van in situ. I pulled in, took some photos and had a lovely cuppa and a chat with the caterer and a lorry driver. The balance of the Universe is restored.

For those of you who are from foreign climbs I must explain that the Tea Van, also known as Buttie Wagon (a buttie is a sandwich or roll generally, in the case of these Tea Vans, filled with bacon, sausages, eggs or all three), is a national institution. Mostly they can be found in any lay-by capable of parking more than a couple of articulated trucks and can be easily identified from a distance by the flags hoisted above or close to the Tea Van.

As you will see from the photo of the price lists the cost of a cuppa and a bite to eat is very reasonable. Vegetarian readers please note the cakes and there was a cabinet (out of shot) containing cold drinks and chocolate bars.

The big down side was that as I was travelling for work I was in the car. I'll be back on the bike soon though!
In my excitement I let my finger get in the way, sorry!




  1. I think it is very neat that you can find the tea van alongside the road. How convenient.

    Sometime in these parts they have a traveling food truck nicknamed the (Gut Truck), but the typically stick to going around to warehouses or industrial areas during break and lunch times only.

  2. I think Gut Truck is a great name. We have them too, known amongst other things as the sandwich van and the brunch wagon.