Saturday, 23 November 2013

A hole in one...

When I talk about a hole in one it doesn't mean I've been lucky while thrashing about with a funny shaped stick - I don't do golf!

Out came the sun today and out came the bike which had been standing idle under cover in the garage for over a fortnight. The battery clearly didn't like the conditions and it only just managed to turn things over enough to fire up. Of course, being a bike with a carb it was choke full on. That meant a bit of visible blue exhaust. That is how I came to notice a little jet of exhaust fumes blowing forwards. I knew before I even looked that the exhaust was blowing. Two great big expensive silencers and I have a hole in one.

As can be seen from the photo it's right at the front underside of the left silencer, probably where a stone has caught it, chipped the paint and allowed corrosion...
As you can see from this next photo these silencers are not small...

So, wrapped up in thermal layers and leather (it may have been sunny but the day's high was 5C) I had a ride out which included a stop at the local Triumph dealer. Price for new silencer - £320 and that's fitting it myself. 

Guess I'll be looking on the internet for after-sales parts, but that may involve having to buy a matching pair. In the meantime I may just get a tin of exhaust putty.

The ride out was glorious though. A good mixture of urban and rural riding. It just puts the world to right.


  1. Ouch pricey silencer indeed. I'd be going the route of the putty until I could find one off ebay or the like.

    Is that hurting the performance of the bike? Or change the sound of the exhaust?

    Glad you dusted off the bike even if it was really chilly. Sounds like our temperatures right now.

    1. Fortunately neither sound nor performance seem to be affected. I think you're right about waiting to find one on ebay.

  2. I find that is the only problem with motorcycle ownership: Pricy Parts!

    - Dave at Motorcycle Addiction

    1. Yes, and the older the bike the more expensive the part as they're harder to source.