Saturday, 30 November 2013

Of layers, impatience and a glass half full...

Today the sun came out again. Hoorah! But it was cold. So, by the time I'd got into thermal leggings, fleece, quilt lined cordura trousers, leather jacket, body warmer, boots and gloves, and not forgetting neck warmer, I felt rather like a layer cake. Don't care though, it was worth all the effort (bending down to put on the boots with all those layers, you know what I mean), and I had a great ride out across town to visit my son.

For me a ride out like that is an absolute tonic. It's the only time I get effective relief from this awful screaming tinnitus.

Talking of which; the legal wranglings over my head injury drag on. I had hoped that it would all have been sorted out by now and I'd be riding around on the Harley I've promised myself. This coming February it will be three years since railway catering guy dropped a ramp into the side of my head on Manchester Piccadilly Station. That's almost three years of having to live a very changed life and cope with some very distressing effects. I really am fed up with the whole process. With it still being on-going it keeps it firmly in mind which is rather counter productive when one is seeking recovery. I have just been told I am to see yet another medical 'expert' for futher assessment. I'll be lucky if I get a Harley on the road by next summer at this rate.

So, if anyone has a Harley tucked away in a garage that they don't know what to do with, and don't want anything for it other than the satisfaction of seeing it go to a good home and the knowledge that it will be well used, I'm your man. But in reality I shall continue to joyfully ride the old Triumph. I have made up my mind to run it throughout the winter, making the most of any half decent weather. And hey! it's only three weeks until the days start getting longer again. Glass half full!


  1. It sucks to encounter yet more delays but hopefully it will all come right in the end for you. But sorry, no unused Harley tucked away here.

  2. Thanks mate, sorry about the moan.

  3. Another delay really sucks. But hopefully the end result will be good for you. I couldn't imagine dealing with tinnitus like you do and I am happy that riding helps.

    We rode on Thursday and I agree about all those layers - sure makes for a lesser range of motion. It was about 5˚C when we left the house. Brrrr.

    1. Thanks. Forecast is for an icy blast from the arctic coming later this week. That should test my mettle.

  4. Wot the hell, it's even cold here in San Francisco.
    Thanks for sharing your journey. I just retired from a Veteran's Administration hospital and a lot of our guys have tinnitus- myself included, though not to the terrible extent you have.

    Wish I could take you for a few rides around Northern California, or buy you a few Steam Beers at the Cliff House.

    Hang in,

  5. Hey Jeff, thanks a lot. I think I wouldn't mind so much if I got the tinnitus when I was in the Army. I hope one day I get to ride some of those North Californian roads along with others across the States.