Friday, 10 January 2014

First ride of the year...

Well, the rain did indeed stay away, and as I had promised myself the bike came out of the garage. Took a few minutes of battery charging to get it started but ran smoothly when it did.

Tyre pressures checked and corrected, chain lubed and lights all checked. Then it was off for a glorious thirty odd miles on practically deserted roads.

This point where I stopped nearly at the end 
of the  ride is only about a mile from my home.
As you can see from the puddles the roads
were pretty damp and the ride was quite
twitchy at times. There are a few stables around
the area too, so you have to watch out for
the piles of wet manure in the road. 

These back roads just to the north of York
are a joy to ride, especially when they're so 
empty, which at this time of year they almost 
always are. A bit different around sowing and
harvest time when the tractors are about.

The narrowness of the roads and high hedges mean 
you sometimes need a bit of courage to 
keep the speed up. Good for the adrenal gland!

And a lovely winter sunset to boot!


  1. The first ride of the year is always great. Unfortunately I still have a couple of months to wait before the snow and ice depart. :(

  2. Y'know, we moan a bucket load about the weather here, but it must be a real bummer to be snow and ice bound for so long each year, unless you're a skier or in to sledging. I hope spring comes early for you buddy.

  3. Looks like a perfectly lovely day to ride as long as you can avoid the manure. No rain and deserted roads.....

    Nice sunset too. I like that last pic.