Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Of searching for the best line and back to a favourite spot...

This morning I had to go to Hull once again. Boringly I was in my car. Having said that, it was an early, dark start and the traffic for the first 15 miles was rotten. So, it wouldn't have been much fun on the bike.

Anyhow, I got finished in Hull quickly and was back home in time to don cold weather gear and head out for a ride. I decided to head out to Easingwold and took the back roads. There seemed to be a lot of wet mud on the roads and I found myself constantlty searching for the best line especially around bends, dicatated by the dryest part of the road, which was not necessarily the most natural line.

The roads were very quiet and despite the caution I made good time and was in Easingwold for lunch. Of course I was back at a favourite spot, TeaHee.
Still the best teashop in the world.
The staff are delightful and the 
food is absolutely lovely.

Despite my rather unsocial seating arrangement...
...I did get into an interesting conversation with an older gentleman 
about Triumphs, Honda Goldwings and Harley Davidsons. 
It doesn't matter where you are, if you're on a bike someone 
will want to talk about bikes and their experiences with them.

Then it was a return to York via the A19 which also was very quiet. Opened the bike up and blew out a few cobwebs. Back in York I popped round to see Dave Cuddy, proprietor of Ride-4-Life who I did my training with earlier last year. He has just bought himself a brand spanking new 2014 Harley Davidson Fat Bob with Stage One, Sceamin' Eagle exhausts the lot. What a beaut, and it sounded just as it should. Of course I'm not a bit jealous! 

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  1. Nothing like winter riding to make you choose your lines wisely. Sometimes it is a challenge when you have take a corner tight and hug the center line because of debris in the road. All worth it when there is a tea shop waiting for you.