Saturday, 22 February 2014

Breakout in the flesh...

This morning I donned the layers and rode across to Leeds Harley Davidson. I just wanted to have a browse and whet  my appetite you understand. What I discovered was not one but a beautiful brace of Softail Breakouts in stock. One completely standard in Morroccan Gold (creamy white) and the other silver candy with slightly more swept back handlebars.

I sat on both and I have to say the replacement bars gave a slightly better riding position. Not that I've had a ride yet, just a static sit-on. The test ride will happen sometime in the next few weeks. In the meantime I've got the photo to remind me of what's to come.

A thing of true, the bike, silly! 

Monday, 17 February 2014

Grabbing an hour and a very cross wind...

Yesterday the sun came out again and I grabbed an hour's ride. As I'm not getting a lot of biking miles in at the moment I decided to mix it up a bit and rode a few twisting country miles, a few miles of busy ring road and some dual-carriageway riding on the York by-pass. It all put a smile on my face even when I encountered a strong cross-wind between the A1079 junction and the A1237 junction. For those of you who are familiar with the area you will know this is the stretch that passes very open ground to the left which leads across to the York University campus. There is often a cross-wind along that stretch, but yesterday it was pretty strong.

There's certainly a nack to maintaining good stability in a strong cross-wind, especially when it's gusting, and the first thing is to drop the speed. It's a bit of a balancing act really and the trick is not to get tensed up. With relaxed arms it's much easier to make those small adjustments that are required.

I really would have liked a couple more hours but I had to take good lady wife for her riding lesson, of the four legged variety.

Today I had to deal with some more enquiries re the legal case. It's grim really when I try so hard to put all that rotten stuff to the back of my mind and this just keeps bringing it back to the fore. Papers are now lodged at Court and in six days time it will be three years since my head got bashed. I'll be glad when it's all done and dusted.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Now we both ride, and something that's not a Harley getting me hot under the collar...

Last week it was my wife's birthday. I won't disclose which one but it was one of those significant round figured ones. As a present I bought her riding lessons. But, as you can see from the photo it's not the kind of riding I usually blog about:

This was yesterday, her first lesson. Despite it being very cold it was one of the best days, weather-wise, that we've had for a while. So, getting back home at about 3.00pm left me enough time to get kitted up and get out for an hour's ride on the old Triumph. Hoorah!

Now, you all know that I am bursting to get myself a Harley Davidson, and that I think they are the most beautiful motorbikes on the planet, but there is an interloper that is getting me all hot under the collar. Take a look at this beaut...

This is the new BMW R-nineT 

I really, really want one!
Of course, it'll have to share garage space with the Harley.