Monday, 3 February 2014

Now we both ride, and something that's not a Harley getting me hot under the collar...

Last week it was my wife's birthday. I won't disclose which one but it was one of those significant round figured ones. As a present I bought her riding lessons. But, as you can see from the photo it's not the kind of riding I usually blog about:

This was yesterday, her first lesson. Despite it being very cold it was one of the best days, weather-wise, that we've had for a while. So, getting back home at about 3.00pm left me enough time to get kitted up and get out for an hour's ride on the old Triumph. Hoorah!

Now, you all know that I am bursting to get myself a Harley Davidson, and that I think they are the most beautiful motorbikes on the planet, but there is an interloper that is getting me all hot under the collar. Take a look at this beaut...

This is the new BMW R-nineT 

I really, really want one!
Of course, it'll have to share garage space with the Harley.


  1. Hey there Nigel.

    I hate to put a damper on your new love but, I'd really suggest you ride one first. I've owned four different Triumphs and I think they're the most characterful bikes to on the planet. I owned a BMW for no more than three months because I thought it had no character what so ever! Boring, no fun, tedious, yawn. Now that's just my opinion and I hope you find things different to me, but like I say, ride one first. I didn't test ride, actually I've never test ridden any bike I've bought, but I really did regret it with the Beamer!

    Does my Harley have character? Oh bloody hell yes! It's the Marlon Brando of bikes.

    All the best mate.

    1. Thanks for the advice. I guess if I'm going to spend £11.5K on top of whatever I spend on a Harley I'd better try it out first. You're right about the Triumph. It may be 18 years old this year but it really has soul.

      Ride well, stay safe my friend.

  2. The Nine-T is a gorgeous bike in person. They had one at the motorcycle show we attended weekend before last. I ogled it in magazines and it didn't disappoint in person. Wonder how it would be on the road.

    Nice idea on the riding lessons for the wife. One of our good friends rides motorcycles and his wife is into horses. They both ride too, just different horsepower. :-)

    1. The MCN write up on the R NineT has it as pretty superb. I think it has completely broken the BMW mould. Apparently the first manufacturing run has completely sold out, so there may be a wait until I can even get a test ride.

  3. Hey there Nigel. I thought you might get a kick out of this from our local Harley dealer.

  4. Hi mate. I'm afraid the link didn't work. Can you resend please?

  5. Sorry mate. Try this one.
    If it's still not a link try copying and pasting the first one into your browser.
    I feel a bit of a polnker now, it's not really that important.

  6. Now why didn't I think of the cut & paste. It's me who's the plonker. Mr Thompson is one lucky bloke and of course I'm not jealous!!!!!!!!!