Thursday, 13 March 2014

Taking joy to another level...

A few weeks ago I invested in an open face helmet ready for when the weather improved. I also recently ordered some goggles. They had to be the right type as I wear specs. Anyhow they arrived yesterday and today I gave helmet and goggles their first run.

Oh the wind on yer face! Joy stepped up a level. It was just how I remembered it from my youth. It's certainly going to be a better look on the Harley. Next thing is to get some prescription wrap-around sunglasses. Let's hope it's going to develop into a long hot summer.


  1. Nice one mate! What lid did you get? I've got a big head, literally that is, and had a bugger of a time getting an open face to fit properly. Went through 4 of them until I bought a PitBull from the states. Not entirely legal but a really nice fit. I do like the new Shark Raw Street Fighter though I have to admit, I just have to keep telling myself I can't afford another lid! 8 is quite enough :o/
    I've got the prescription shades too, but at close to £400 I'm almost afraid to use them... It does feel damn cool astride a rolling, snarling Harley though. Yes I'm a major poser on the Hog, who wouldn't be?

  2. Bought myself a Viper RS-04 in matt black. Not expensive but good quality for the money. Seems to fit me ok. Can't wait to get the Hog, and yes, I will be up there with all the posers!

  3. Buy extra dental floss for all the bugs you'll get stuck in your teeth.

    And if you are used to a full-face helmet, remember your sunscreen this summer.

    1. Good advice , thanks. I do remember bumble bees feeling like bullets when they hit.