Monday, 26 May 2014

A bike, a bike, my kingdom for a bike!

This is where I have just spent ten days. Lovely island with beautiful scenery and friendly locals. Lady wife and I stayed a few miles west of the capitol Heraklion. We travelled around a bit visiting, among other places, Heraklion, Reythimno and Aghia Nikolaos. We travelled along the E75 which is a fairly new road running along the north coast from Sitia in the east to Hania in the west. The road has loads of sweeping bends and twisty bits as it runs through the hills and lower mountains. Alas, we travelled on four wheels, a hired Fiat Panda to be precise. Lady wife is not keen on the idea of pillioning. I know how King whoever it was felt when he was so desperate for a horse that he would have given his kingdom for one. It's on the future to do list, to go back and hire a decent bike and ride the whole road. Actually it may be an even better idea to ride the entire E75 route across Europe from Norway to Crete. I gather it's a trip of over 3,000 miles. That would be cool!

Back home to rain early hours of Sunday. Sun came out today though and so did the Triumph. What post holiday blues?  


  1. Sounds like a great holiday, even if it was sans bike.

    And why is it we find ourselves on nice twisty roads on four wheels?

    1. Yep, I seem to find all the best roads when I'm in cars.