Monday, 5 May 2014

It's what Bank Holidays are for...

Bank Holiday Monday and my wife is working. Good weather, what should I do? Hmmm..... Bit of a no brainer really. Quick ride over to my Dad's for a chat and coffee then off to Helmsley. Loads of bikes on the roads and as usual plenty ended up in Helmsley...

My old Triumph may have been one of the oldest 
bikes there, but I reckon it can still hold its own.

I've never known a day like it for picking up insects. I was glad I'd chosen to wear the full face helmet.


  1. Better the full face helmet than picking bugs off your face. Those things can hurt when the visor is up. Bugs coming out must mean it is warming up, coupled with all that rain and it might be a big year for insects.

    So nice you were able to get out for a ride.

  2. How are you going to get your protein with a full face helmet on? Just curious - how 'old' is your old Triumph? Doesn't look that much out of place.

    1. Hi mate. The old Triumph isn't vintage but has come of age at 18. It's a 1996 Sprint Sport. I understand that was the year new models were brought out so this one is a bit of an end of the line parts bin model. I like it and it goes really well though. As Jeff from California suggests, it may just stay in the stable even after I've got the Harley.