Friday, 13 June 2014

And it drags on and on...

Now, we all know I think my old Triumph is great. Despite its age it looks the biz and continues to turn heads wherever I go.

The badge gets me into loads of good conversations especially with older guys who biked in their younger days on classic British bikes.

But, as is glaring obvious I have my heart set on a Harley, in particular a Softail Breakout. It has been one of the things I have focussed on over the last three and a half years since my life was changed by having a ramp crash into the side of my head. It has more often than not been a very grim period, with my life having changed quite drastically. One of the things that has made it worse has been the on-going legal issues. Money is never going to be the answer, it can never put things right, but it's the only way of getting some sort of redress. 

Of course the person who actually caused the problem is not affected by any of this, it is all handed over to faceless insurance officials and lawyers. (I will add here that my lawyer is not faceless and she has been very understanding.) The ongoing requirement for appointments, legal and medical, and endless correspondence keeps the whole horrid issue right at the forefront of the mind, a mind already badly dented by the actual incident. And it drags on and on. 

I actually believed it would be sorted and I would have my Harley on the road last year. When that didn't happen I really thought I would be riding the Harley this summer. But it drags on and on. Latest letter tells me that information required from the Army (to do with the hearing test that was part of my discharge process in 1986) should be received within six weeks. Six weeks! Summer will be almost over and still no where near an end to all this legal wrangling. Pissed off is an under-statement. 

I've got my tickets to the Bulldog Bash in August and I stupidly expected to ride a Harley there. I'd have been so chuffed. Ah well, it'll be an outing on the good ol' Triumph. Not quite the same as cruising down there though.  

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