Sunday, 15 June 2014

Of moving over AND giving room...

Today was Father's day and in amongst all the busyness of going across to Manchester to visit youngest daughter yesterday and getting to do other fatherly things along with getting good lady wife to her riding lesson today I found I hadn't left much time to get a Father's Day card to my Dad. Well there was a good excuse for a ride, as if one is actually needed!.

To get to my Dad's by the most direct route I have to negotiate York's awful ringroad, generally locked up because of too many roundabouts, now even worse because of major roadworks at one of said roundabouts.

In this type of slow moving traffic many car drivers on seeing a bike in their rear view mirror, me included when I'm in the car, move over to allow room for the bike to pass. Most riders are very grateful and when safe to do so will give a wave of thanks. I am noticing more and more though, that some of these well meaning drivers are moving over but not allowing enough room between them and the vehicle in front in case the bike needs to move back in.

So, to any car drivers reading this, many thanks for your consideration when moving over to let us pass but please do give us that extra bit of room to move back in. Cheers!


  1. Well said.

    I find some car drivers wave you by, but they do it on a blind corner or hill when there really isn't room to safely go around them. Thank you, but.....

  2. Of course, then there's the others who see you coming and hog the centre line.