Saturday, 16 August 2014

Of diesel spills, new boots and trews, jam delivery, a bike to steal my heart and a rotten leak...

Well, this last couple of weeks has been fairly eventful despite having taken the week before last off to catch up with some academic writing. Even when I know I shouldn't allow myself to be distracted getting on the bike and taking off is a great way to sort the head out when the academic stuff is threatening to pickle yer brains. I used the excuse of doing a bit of DIY across at my dad's, one trip on one day to take the gear and another a couple of days later to go do the work.

I nearly didn't make it to the second trip though; on my way back from trip one I came up to the final roundabout before home, fortunately there was a lot of traffic and I was travelling pretty slowly because as I entered the roundabout the back end went! Diesel, a biker's worst nightmare. Fortunately I didn't suffer an untimely dismount, somehow I managed to pull a snaking rear end back in line. It was stomach churning, buttock clenching stuff. Why do so many truck drivers insist on overfilling their fuel tanks? If the traffic had been lighter and I had been going any faster I dread to think what might have happened. Grrrrr!!!

You may remember from a recent post that one of my old boots had begun to lose its sole. Well it was a good excuse to get some new boots. Not one to do things by half I decided to buy two pairs...

These are a cracking pair of Richa Gortex
lined boots. Didn't need any breaking in.

These RST boots are really cool and are great
for walking about in when the bike's parked up.

I have recently lost a fair amount of weight, about a stone and a half, so most of my jeans are falling off me, including my armoured jeans. So, staying with the cool theme, I bought these...
Armoured inserts at knees & hips,
Kevlar lined. Really comfortable
and the leg pockets are a real bonus.

Had another trip out to my favourite teashop recently...
Teahee in Easingwold.

I actually went to fulfill a two year old promise and deliver some of the world's tastiest jam to the owner, Sophie...
Yes I make this with plums from 
my own plum trees and a good 
single malt and it is lush!

Weather has been rotten the last few days so the bike's been tucked up in my garage. Still grey today but no rain so I decided a run out was in order. Only got a short way up the road, stopped to post a letter and spotted a horribly oily leak from the left side of the bike. Straight back home to discover it is clutch fluid from the slave cylinder. Bike's in to the workshop on Monday anyway to investigate a coolant leak so I've told them about this as well. Hope it's not expensive especially as I'm just about to buy my wife a replacement car. Losing clutch fluid probably explains the clunky gear changes and couple of false neutrals I've had lately. 
This is where the leak is. I hope it's just a seal.

I'm often seeing new bikes in the various bike mags and on websites that I think are really good (and a lot I think are pretty crap too!) and every now and then one comes along that really does it for me. In an earlier post I disclosed how brilliant I think the BMW RnineT is. However, nothing has made me waver from having Harleys at the top of my love/want list, until now that is.

I've never been particularly interested in fully dressed tourers or baggers. Don't get me wrong Harley Davidson machines of that type are tuly awesome machines, but they're just not my style. I like a much more stripped back style hence my love of the Softail Breakout.

Over the last year or so I have been following the develoment of the Indian brand with interest, but of course they were the dressed cruisers and baggers I speak of and Indian wasn't rocking my boat... until now that is!...
This, as you may already know, is the all new
Indian Scout. It's absolutely stunning!

Just take a look at the detailing...

...and the quality of finish.

As American iron goes this is not a big bike, at 1100 odd cc it is almost 600cc short of the Breakout, and is probably designed to take on the Harley Sportster range. But it is a truly stunning bike, and at around £6,000 less than the Breakout I may waver a little. Or am I just being a bike slut? I tell you what though, if Indian eventually bring out a big brother of the Scout... well let's just say the sales guys at HD Leeds may have their work cut out. 


  1. I'm with you on the Scout. - a beautifully designed bike.

  2. I think the Scout is the nicest of the new Indian line.

    Nice looking boots you picked up and great job staying upright on the diesel spill.

    Mmmm plum jam. Plum jam is the best isn't it?

    1. Pity I can't just ride over and bring you some jam.