Monday, 25 August 2014

Troublesome repair, Speed Triple and a Bonnie...

Well, the old Triumph went into the workshop last week and I had the use of this for the day...

Triumph Street Triple

It really is a fun bike but not my cup of tea. Unfortunately at the end of the day I received a call from the workshop telling me that they hadn't managed to get all the required parts for my bike and they need the Triple back. However I was to get a replacement bike. What I ended up with was this nice little number...

Triumph Bonneville
This actually is quite a sweet bike to ride and the twin pot engine at a little under 900cc gives a nice grunt and pulls really well. But, despite the reasonable sized engine, it is quite a small bike and I don't feel completely comfortable on it in the way that I do on my bike. The Speedmaster I had use of a while ago is not actually much bigger, if at all, but the riding position made it a much nicer bike to ride. 

I got my bike back having had the clutch slave cylinder replaced, the radiator flushed and a new radiator cap fitted. I really need to sort out my garage and reclaim my workshop from all the junk as these are jobs I could be doing myself.

The next day I rode it across to Hull. The needle on the temperature guage was just below the red most of the way which made me feel uneasy. Returning to York it crept up into the red and as I hit traffic it went up out of the red. The engine was still running ok so I just rode it straight back to the workshop. Probably more to do with the guage or a switch problem than the actual cooling system. Back on the Bonnie and I still am as there is a further wait for another part and of course it's the bank holiday weekend. I'm told I probably won't get my bike back until Friday.

I'll be so glad when I evenually go with cash in hand an buy my brand new Harley. That might not be too far off now as there are signs that the legal crap is nearing its conclusion. Still not holding my breath though! 


  1. It's a complete bummer when you're bike's in the shop isn't it? Even if they give you a nice loaner.

    It would be great to think that your wrangling troubles over your accident were indeed coming to an end, but like you say, don't hold your breath.

    Have you ever thought of becoming a MotoVlogger mate? It's all the rage and it might be right up your street.

    I started doing it a little while ago. Check out my channel (link bellow) to see what I'm on about. You can also get a bit of an idea of what it's like riding a Harley, just from watching MotoVlogs.

    All the best mate. Stay positive.

  2. I am still surprised when I hear of riders getting loaner bikes while theirs is in the shop. Unheard of over here.

    While I love the Bonnevilles I agree that riding position is not the greatest. I sum that up to my long legs though making it uncomfortable.

    Fingers crossed you get things sorted and get that Harley soon.