Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Still busted, a breezy walk on the beach and light at the end of a long,dark and very noisy tunnel.....

Well, the old Triumph is still sitting sickly idle in the garage and it makes me more peed off by the day. Apart from a long walk by the sea on Filey beach last Saturday, having no working bike has meant no escape from the wretched monster that is my tinnitus (the sound of the sea, like the sound of the bike cuts through it wonderfully).

 Filey Beach
Although it doesn't look it, it was 
surprisingly mild, but pretty breezy.
The way out...

No this is not some random stranger I met on the beach, this is 
my good lady wife. It's not the breeze that takes my breath away!

...the way back.

Still, there may be light at the end of this horrible nearly four year long tunnel as my solicitor has sent off our offer to the defendants. I guess there's still going to be some negotiation but the whole thing could be over in weeks rather than months (or am I being a tad optimistic?). Even so, I'll be surprised if I make that successful trip to HD Leeds (or wherever is going to give me the best deal on a Breakout!) before Christmas. Hmmm.....'Dear Santa.......'

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Of dead Renault, broken Volvo suspension, Landrover and a f***ing blown head gasket...

There has been another spacious gap since I last posted. This is because there has been little in the way of biking to be reported. Up-shot of all the repairs and diagnostics on the old Triumph was the discovery that the head gasket  has blown. Hence overheating and coolant back pressure. I have managed one ride of eight miles before it overheated again.

Why have I not had it fixed you may wonder? Well it's a seven hundred plus quid repair and under normal citcumstances I would have just told them to get on with it. But sometimes life just gathers shit in a great big conspiracy to thwart the best laid plans. My wife's ancient Renault failed its last MOT and the fix would have not been worth it. So off it went to that great car park in the sky. Using my trusty Volvo to get my wife to her riding sessions involved pretty rotten country roads and a mile or so of really bad farm track. Suspension broke; new shock needed and replacement shock mounting. Quite clearly we needed a replacement car for my wife which would cope with the bumps. Good old ebay turned up a cracker of a Landrover Freelander. That my friends is where the money I would have used to repair the Triumph went.

So the Volvo drives without a single clunk or knock and the Landrover gets us to the riding school without our teeth rattling. Alas, the old Triumph sits forlornly idle in my garage and that is making me more than a tad miserable, especially as we've had some unseasonably good weather of late.

Even more frustrating is the fact that all the legal shit re my head is tantalizingly close to conclusion. If only that gasket could have lasted a few more weeks!