Saturday, 28 February 2015

Triumph repaired and Harley to be collected this coming week

Well it really has been much too long since I last posted. Sorry about that. The Triumph with its busted head gasket was garaged over the winter and I was stuck on four wheels. Misery doesn't come near describing how it's been.

The legal crap ground on but finally we got done. Upshot is the Triumph has spent the last few days at A1 Triumph in York getting fixed AND last Thursday I test rode the Harley I'm buying. I will be collecting it from Leeds HD later this coming week. I won't give any more details now, you'll have to wait for the post with photos.

There'll be a general catch up too.


  1. "Misery doesn't come near describing how it's been." I feel for you.

    1. Perhaps I'll get round to joining you on tour. Who knows! Cheers

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  3. Hooray for finally getting the Harley you've wanted. So happy for you Nigel. You have been more than patient.

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of the new ride.

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