Sunday, 19 April 2020

 Well, there's nothing like leaving two years between posts to keep people interested (I don't think!) There are a number of good reasons though:

1. I retired from central government service after nearly 20 years.
2. I went into a year of training for ministry (having already done previous training over a number of years).
3. I was ordained as a Deacon by the Archbishop of York at York Minster.
4. I am busy as curate at two churches, and continue chaplaincy with the RAF Air Cadets, having taken on a second squadron.

So, you see it's been a bit hectic. Throw into the mix my 96 year old Dad being really unwell (he's a lot better now but I have to care for him) and there's little time for anything else. Hey but I still get to ride.

I was to be ordained as a Priest this June, but with the Covid19 lock-down I don't now know when that will happen. When it does it may be a much less grand affair that last June's Deaconing.

Anyhow, I just wanted to give an update and really bring this blog to a close as I now have a new blog. You can find me at:  

The new blog does include bits about riding and I've already included links to two videos I've uploaded to YouTube. There's also some general life stuff and a bit of Christian stuff too, after all I am a Rev.

Oh yes, if anyone is interested in the No Saints Motorcycle Chaplaincy, get in touch. 

So come on over and I'll see you at the new blog.


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